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SEO is what our company was founded on, back in 2010. We started out providing SEO services which were a success, which soon after led to us designing websites, developing websites and eventually to us becoming a fully fledged digital agency. Optimising a website is complicated, but it’s not as complicated as is often thought. And this is only really understood by people with a fundamental understanding of what Google is trying to achieve. Understand Google, and you’ll have an enduring understanding of SEO. Most SEO consultants go for the low-hanging fruit – the little algorithm updates which sound fancy and provide a short-term edge. Matterhorn Digital is about quality, and we provide a long-term edge. An original SEO agency, we approach projects with the view to sustaining long-term, holistic results.

SEO services

It’s understandably common to think that SEO services consist of simply making a website rank better in Google, whatever that entails.. of course there’s more to it or everyone would be doing it. From 12 years of experience in SEO here’s roughly what needs to be covered under the SEO services banner; web development (eg making a website fast), web design / UX (increasing dwell time and engagement through a better user experience), content writing (which is engaging, intuitive, educational), tagging (eg writing accurate page titles) and getting quality backlinks. Not to mention reporting and analytics. If you’re looking for SEO services that work, you need an SEO agency which has the resources to provide all the the elements involved in a proper website optimisation. With Matterhorn Digital, you’ll find all your SEO services in the one place.

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A small, approachable team who love to make things happen. Multi-talented and from around the world, our guys and gals come from England, Sweden, France, Singapore, New Zealand, Poland, Denmark and of course, Australia. Each member brings considerable experience working in many of the world’s leading digital agencies, on many of the world’s biggest brands, in the world’s biggest markets. We live and breath design, technology and business. We’re here to design the relationship between you and your customers.

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Toby Burrows
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