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React Native development

React Native is a popular JavaScript library, designed purposefully to develop extensible and efficient user interfaces. There are numerous cross platform frameworks like Apache Cordova, Titanium SDK and Ionic. All of which appear to be native. Surprisingly perhaps, none of these are actually native. Because they completely degrade the responsiveness by displaying web components perched on a web view. Unlike React Native which, as the name suggests, is truly ‘native’.

React Native’s main advantages are that it is seriously fast. And you can use the same codebase for both iOS and Android devices. React Native also has a huge community, with loads of third party extensions and additional frameworks. Which can be leveraged to develop a mobile app which is truly awesome.

Overall choosing React Native to develop your iOS or Android app is a great choice. Not only because you’re going to have one of the fastest, most easily accessed mobile apps across all major devices. But because you’ll be at the forefront of mobile application development by using the React Native codebase. Both now, and in the years to come as your business grows.

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Exceptional WordPress development by Sydney web design agency, Matterhorn Digital. Specialist WordPress developers who are just at home with JavaScript development, writing exquisite code in Node, React, Angular, Vue JS. As well as mobile app development including React Native. Alternate content management systems, like SilverStripe CMS or any other type of web application development. Experienced payment gateway and CRM integration enablers. Data driven digital marketing agency specialising in Google Adwords and SEO, with one of the most responsive, proactive support teams you will find anywhere. Premium web hosting services available.

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