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Brand identity

Developing and maintaining a visual identity which supports the attainment of business objectives is serious business. “Who are we?” “Where are we going?”. Questions like these can be addressed through brand identity, while an audience might even feel attachment or ownership over an organisation’s philosophy. In general a visual identity amounts to a logo and supporting devices which have been assembled within a set of brand guidelines.

Brand guidelines

An oft-overlooked but essential component of a brand strategy. Brand guidelines govern how a visual identity is applied in any of a company’s many touch points. Advertisements, apparel, point of sale, website, company vehicles, email signatures, collateral and anything else presenting the company to both internal and external stakeholders. Brand guidelines confirm colour palettes, typefaces, page layouts and so on, establishing and affirming a brand’s identity.

Logo and website design

Two major intertwined components of your organisation’s visual identity. A logo and associated brand guidelines determine the course a website should take visually, so whether you have a website or not, approaching logo and website design in the one project is usually your best option. Where a good website has already been completed but it has been decided to update the brand, the website’s styling can generally be modified to accommodate the new brand’s colour palette and styling etc, though this is sub-optimal to one design agency designing the logo and website in unison.

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Exceptional WordPress development by Sydney web design agency, Matterhorn Digital. Specialist WordPress developers who are just at home with JavaScript development, writing exquisite code in Node, React, Angular, Vue JS. As well as mobile app development including React Native. Alternate content management systems, like SilverStripe CMS or any other type of web application development. Experienced payment gateway and CRM integration enablers. Data driven digital marketing agency specialising in Google Adwords and SEO, with one of the most responsive, proactive support teams you will find anywhere. Premium web hosting services available.

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