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High Peak Station

Branding, web design, WordPress development

Beautiful visual design and UI for this WordPress website launched in 2022


Visual identity
Logo design
UI / UX / website design
WordPress development

High Peak Station is a 4,000 hectare high country farm, located 1.5 hours from Christchurch, New Zealand.

Family owned, High Peak’s operations are diversified across various high-end tourism ventures, health products, agricultural products and corporate events.

Looking to unify all of the sub-brands under the main umbrellar brand, while affording each sub-brand with a level of independence, we created the below.


Visual identity for luxury tourism operator High Peak Station


Before and after - updated visual identity for NZ luxury tourism operator High Peak Station


Drawing on the unique colours of the area through its changing seasons, we created a colour pallet to guide future applications of the brand’s identity.


A unique colour scheme based on the seasonal colours of High Peak Station


With a stencil font selection for titles, which matches the main font.


A rustic custom font designed specifically for the brand


We designed various applications to demonstrate how the branding may be applied.


Branding applications demonstrating how the brand can be applied in a range of situations


And a website which is scalable, and can be rolled out to the other sub-brands of the business which makes for a cost-effective, easy to manage solution for a company with multiple business’ under the main banner.


A striking home page befitting the visually stunning surrounds of High Peak


Each screen of the website was carefully designed to bring together both the professionalism of the operation, as well as the comfortable family feel



A mobile website version designed and developed specifically to cater for the differing ways users engage with a website on their phone


View the High Peak Station website here.

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