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Fraemohs Homes

Web design, WordPress development, visual identity and more


UX & web design
Logo design and visual identity
WordPress web development
3D rendering / Architectural Visualisation
Search engine optimisation
Google Ads management
Social media management
Conversion optimisation
CRM integration
Web hosting

A relatively old company in group building terms – Fraemohs has been going since 1968.

Its progressive management team have put in a heck of lot of hard work behind the scenes. Processes have been improved, efficiencies and investments made. And it’s paying off as it looks to a very bright future.




Our involvement with Fraemohs started late in 2015. The management team were neck deep in the aforementioned work of improving their internal processes, whilst managing the builds which were paying the bills as well as trying to find new ones. Marketing had gone by the wayside, and the marketing they were doing wasn’t really working. Fertile conditions for us to go in and do our thing.



Since Matterhorn came onboard as our digital partner, our 48 year old company has been transformed into a well oiled digital marketing machine. We finally got the website we wanted. And on the back of SEO, Adwords, and our Facebook page which Matterhorn do for us, it’s bringing in 11 times the traffic it was previously each month.

– Tim Foster, Managing Director



Six years on and it’s more like 20 – 30 times the monthly traffic coming in than when we first began. Besides bringing in the traffic through SEO and Google Ads, we look after things like conversion optimisation, social media, photography, videography, copywriting, advertising and more. We also designed their logo and visual identity.



View the Fraemohs Homes website here.

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