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The world's first social network for coffee growers, buyers and lovers

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In the world of coffee buying a massive inefficiency exists in the form of middlemen and wholesalers who essentially ramp up the cost of your daily cuppa, through the mark up they add to the green beans they sell to your local roaster. Not only does this hurt the daily consumer in the pocket, it contributes to a variety of other coffee market inefficiencies, and limits the progress of the typically very poor farmers in undeveloped parts of the world growing the beans.

Beanlinked, the world’s first social network for coffee growers, buyers and lovers seeks to redress these inefficiencies and level the playing field for those in the industry.

It’s founders, Bill Ballard and Toby Smith (both of Toby’s Estate) have a long history in the coffee trade, and have developed strong local connections with literally hundreds of coffee growers throughout areas as diverse as South and Central America, Africa and Asia.


Build a social networking website


Utilising their connections Bill and Toby are creating direct lines of communication between the coffee growers, and the roasters. Which means the roasters can provide direct feedback to the growers via the website instead of having to go through middlemen, and the growers can promote their product directly to roasters in every part of the world. It’s common for even small roasters to have to to travel each year to extremely isolated regions of the world in the search for quality green bean farmers – a tremendous cost to bear for a roaster. With Beanlinked, the need for this travel is curtailed, replaced by the ability to communicate directly via a website.

The website is loaded with a bunch of features designed to encourage engagement between seller and buyer, including the ability to leave reviews and ratings, to ‘follow’ other people, and private messaging.


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With over 100 members already, a lot of behind the scenes work going on, and an app on the way, look out for Beanlinked in the months to come.

To visit the Beanlinked website, click here.