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National University of Singapore Museum

UX, web design and WordPress development


Web design
WordPress web development

Launched August 2019, the National University of Singapore has a new website for its Museum.


UX, web design and WordPress development


Replacing the former NUS Museum website, our goal was to increase website engagement through an empathetic design, and top-notch WordPress development. Considerable time was spent in the pre-design stages, creating an information architecture conducive to a first rate user experience.


Custom WordPress development for the NUS Museum


A rigorous branding guideline was followed in the design. While strict security protocols were in place during development of the website.


Custom web design for the NUS Museum


The NUS remit specified the use of WordPress. A very limited number of plugins were whitelisted for use, out of security precautions. We custom developed the website from scratch and modified the CMS for ease of use by NUS staff.

There is heavy automation built in to the website, ensuring the freshest, most relevant results are displayed to visitors with no work required by NUS staff. We used WordPress’ multi-site feature and pulled data from the main NUS Centre for the Arts website (which we also designed and developed) as a separate instance to feed data in to this site, as well as a third website we created for the NUS. So through automation NUS can maintain 3 websites for the time it takes to maintain 1.

The Instagram API was leveraged for the feed, again reducing required admin time from the NUS team.



Custom WordPress development agency in Sydney


To view the National University of Singapore’s new Museum website, please click here.

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