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Creation of a fitness label

Brand identity for Bailter-Roux


Logo design
Web design
Node.js web development

A really neat job to work on over Christmas – an existing client of ours is starting a fitness label so we took care of the brand and website. The logo is inspired by an ancient Greek symbol called the Triskelion which represents dynamism, movement and enthusiasm. It essentially says: “No matter what life throws at me – I will always stand and move forward.”

We worked with our client to arrive at the name Bailter-Roux.


Node.js web development for Sydney fitness label Bailter-Roux


The Bailter-Roux brand is for people who like to work out, but don’t want to get caught up in all the empty noise surrounding fitness and being healthy. You can workout without being a jerk, and you can eat healthy without broadcasting to the world you’ve just eaten a green salad.

For the colour scheme we chose black and white to let the clothes shine and not distract with colour. But when something does need to be highlighted, we do it with ‘Roux Blue’.


Logo design and branding for Bailter-Roux


We developed the website in Node.js, using the Keystone CMS – and it’s beautiful. It’s in staging presently, waiting on photo shoots and suppliers, but when it’s ready we’ll publish the link here.


Bailter-Roux website design and Node.js development