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AVNU by LJ Hooker

React JS web development & static site generation in Contentful

React js developers Sydney


React JS development, JSX
Contentful headless CMS
Static site generation
Netlify continuous integration

We accepted the challenge of developing the new AVNU website for real estate agents LJ Hooker with a tight deadline.

Developing the website using a headless CMS with continuous integration deployment – our first commercially – made for a nice little challenge.


React Javascript web developers Sydney


Exchanging ideas with the sharp development minds at LJ Hooker added a satisfying teamwork element to the project. And we discussed plenty, like optimal ways to account for the many Google Maps API parameters.


React Javascript developers in Sydney


The technologies and APIs we developed the AVNU website with on request are pretty neat for anyone interested. React JS of course, Netlify and Contentful stand out and make for what is a deceptively powerful website.

View the live website here.

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